King Soopers reloadable cards are reusable cards you can use to raise money for the band.  You can purchase one from BBPA at an initial cost of $5 per card (they come loaded with $5 on them).  Use the card to pay for anything at King Soopers.  Every time you “reload” your card with a cashier, King Soopers rewards the band with 5% of the dollar amount of you reload.

This fundraiser has raised almost $5,400 for the band in the past.  You’re buying groceries anyway – help out the band!

What can I buy with my card?
How do I reload my card?
Do the cards expire?
Where can I use the King Soopers reloadable card?

When you’re ready to pay and before your groceries are scanned, ask the clerk to load your card with the amount you think you’ll spend.  Pay for the “reload” with another form of payment that King Soopers accepts, including credit cards that give you rewards.  Then the clerk scans your groceries and pay for them using your King Soopers card.  It takes an extra few minutes but the band makes a good amount of money this way.

Or reload your card at the beginning of the month with your grocery/gas budget.

What can I buy with my card?

Anything (groceries, gas, prescriptions) at King Soopers except for gift cards.  Also, it cannot be used to pay for services (e.g. Western Union, lottery tickets, etc.).

When paying for gas, select “Pay at the Window”, pump your gas, and then go to the window to reload your card.  Then use the card to pay for the gas.

How do I reload my card?

The easiest and fastest way is to reload your card at the checkout register prior to paying for your groceries.  If you reload at the service desk, there is a 20-minute delay before the checkout registers will be able to see the new balance on your card.  If you reload at the checkout register, your new balance will be visible immediately to the register.

Does the card expire?

Not if you use it regularly.  If you have a $0.00 balance on the card for longer than about a month, the card goes inactive and you can’t reload it anymore.  If this happens, purchase a new one from BBPA.

Where can I use my card?

Any King Soopers-affiliations including City Market, Smith’s, Quik Stop, Loaf ‘n Jug, etc.

Contact a BBPA board member for more information.