Monday, October 5, 2015
Broomfield High School
Boulder Valley School District

Student Band Board

Broomfield High School Student Band Board (SBB)

What is the BHS Student Band Board?

A.) The primary purpose of the Student Band Board (SBB) shall be to stimulate and facilitate student involvement and leadership in the Broomfield High School (BHS) Band Program.
B.) The SBB shall be a means by which the BHS Band Students can have a direct voice in their program.
C.) The SBB shall provide a minimum of two community-service efforts each year as a means of giving back to the Broomfield Community.

For information on joining the SBB or its current affairs, please contact the appropriate officers and student members.

Current Officers:
Sophie Jacobs - President
Ben Denley - Vice-President
Izzi Romero - Secretary


SBB By-Laws as amended June 17, 2014 (in PDF download)