Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Broomfield High School
Boulder Valley School District

King Soopers Reloadables

King Soopers Reloadable Cards

King Soopers reloadable cards are reusable gift cards that you buy from the BBPA for $5 (they come initially loaded with $5 on them).  You use the card to pay for merchandise at King Soopers.  Every time you "reload" your card, King Soopers rewards the BBPA with 5% of the dollar amount of your reload.


What Can I Buy with My Reloadable Card?

You can use your card to pay for any merchandise that you can buy at King Soopers.  This includes groceries, gift cards for other stores, prescriptions, and gas.  You cannot use your card to pay for services (e.g. Western Union, lottery tickets, etc.).

How Do I Reload My Card?

You can reload your card at the service desk or at the checkout register prior to paying for your purchases.  If you reload at the service desk, there is a 20-minute delay before the checkout registers will be able to see the new balance on your card.  If you reload at the checkout register, your new balance will be visible immediately to the register.  You can reload your card with any form of payment that King Soopers already accepts for purchases, including credit cards!  This means that if you use a credit card that gives you points or mileage for your purchases, you will still get your credit card rewards and the BBPA will still get a 5% reward on your reload!

When you use your card to pay for gas, you can select "Pay at the Window" on the pump, pump your gas, and then go to the window to add enough value to your King Soopers reloadable card and then use the card to pay for the gas.  Again, if you reload with a credit card, you will still get any rewards that your credit card company gives you.

Do the Reloadable Cards Expire?

Normally, the cards do not ever expire.  However, if you allow your card balance to go to $0.00 for longer than about a month, the card will go inactive and you will not be able to reload it anymore.  In the event that that happens, you will need to purchase a new card from the BBPA.

Okay, give me a step-by-step on how to use the card.

  1. Go to King Soopers and gather your purchases or pump your gas.  At the pump, choose "Pay at the Window".
  2. Go to the checkout register.
  3. Ask the clerk to load your card (example - "I would like to add $50 to this card, please").  Pay for the reload with any form of payment that King Soopers accepts, including credit cards that give you rewards!
  4. Have the clerk scan your items (skip this step if you pumped gas).
  5. Pay for your order with your King Soopers reloadable card.
The bottom line is that with a simple and slight change of behavior, and no additional cost to you, you can continue to pay for your groceries like you already do, but the BBPA will also get a 5% reward.

How Good is this Fundraiser Really?

This is as close to a zero-effort fundraiser as you will find.  Last year, this fundraiser raised almost $5400 and that was with only 19 band families participating.  For a band of 50 students, if every family participated and reloaded an average of $350 per month, the BBPA could eliminate the Tag Day fundraiser!

I Can't Spend $350 Every Month at King Soopers

If you buy most of your groceries and your gas at King Soopers, you will probably have no problem spending $350 per month.  Also, with a little extra work and pre-planning, you can buy gift cards from King Soopers and use them to shop elsewhere (such as home improvement stores, restaurants, department stores, etc.).  Please remember that we are not asking you to spend any more in a month than you already normally do.  All that is required is a slight modification in the way that you spend the amount of money that you are already spending.

Also keep in mind that King Soopers occasionally runs promotions that give you 2x or 4x points towards gas when you buy gift cards.  You can use your reloadable card to buy those gift cards that King Soopers sells and still get your 2x or 4x gas points rewards!

Can I Use My King Soopers Reloadable Card at Other Kroger-Affiliated Stores?

Yes!  This includes City Market, Smith's, Quik Stop, Loaf 'n Jug, and many more.