The BBPA sets budgets for three band programs each year:

  • Winter Guard (budget set in Oct/Nov)
  • Winter Percussion (budget set in Oct/Nov)
  • Marching Band (budget set in March)

The BBPA board forms a budget subcommittee to set each budget.  The subcommittee solicits input from band instructors and parent volunteers to help determine the dollar amount to set for each line item in a budget.  The subcommittee presents the proposed budget to the full BBPA board for discussion and approval.  Then the BBPA board presents the proposed budget to the full BBPA membership for discussion and approval.  Thus, there are several opportunities for any one individual BBPA member to provide input to the band budgets.

Total Program Cost Per Student:

When all of the line items for a program budget are filled in, a total per-student cost can then be determined for the program.  This amount is simply the total cost to run the program (sum of all of the budget line items) divided by the number of students that participate in the program.

Fair Share Fee:

The Fair Share fee is the portion of the total program cost per student that each student will pay out-of-pocket to participate in a particular Band program.  The BBPA board strives to keep the Fair Share fee competitive with the cost of a sport (currently $185 plus possible additions of equipment, spirit packs, etc.).  The recent history of Fair Share fees is:

  • Winter Guard 2012 – $225
  • Winter Percussion 2012 – $225
  • Marching Band 2011 – $250

BBPA Fundraising Contribution:

The BBPA contributes funds from Fundraising activities to help offset some of the per-student cost of each Band program.  The recent history of BBPA contributions is:

  • Winter Guard 2012 – $6,161 ($616 per student)
  • Winter Percussion 2012 – $12,190 ($610 per student)
  • Marching Band 2011 – $13,000 ($325 per student)

Students who want to benefit from the BBPA Fundraising contribution MUST participate in BBPA fundraisers.  Students who do not participate in fundraisers will be required to pay the equivalent dollar amount of the BBPA contribution out of their own pockets.

2012 Marching Band Budget:

The total cost of the 2012 Marching Band program is expected to be $32,422 (see column “S” of the budget) and is based on an expected participation of 48 students.  Thus, the total program cost per student is expected to be $675.  In March 2012, the BBPA general membership approved the 2012 Marching Band budget, which includes a Fair Share fee of $275 per student along with a $19,222 contribution from BBPA fundraising activities ($400 per student).  The $400 fundraising benefit has been broken out into 5 components:

  • Tag Day – $88
  • Raffle – $120
  • Concessions Stand – $88
  • Butter Braids – $20
  • Scrip – $84

Students who do not wish to participate in a fundraiser will be required to pay the dollar equivalent of that fundraiser in addition to the Fair Share fee, potentially up to a full additional $400 if the student does not participate in any of the fundraisers.